Thursday, May 22, 2014

Top 10 Buffet Destinations in SM Mall of Asia (Pasay City)

When planning a trip in the mall, I'm not one of those who are much into window-shopping or shopping itself. I think with my stomach first and think about the mall as a food-centric destination. SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City is one of my most favorite malls when it comes to the number and quality of restaurants it contains. I have rounded up my top 10 buffet destinations in MOA for all types of food-obsessed folks out there.

Where to eat in MOA? Top 10 Buffet Destinations in SM Mall of Asia

1. Buffet 101 International Cuisine

"Experience a smorgasbord of the world's finest dishes with a 5-star luxury lunch or dinner buffet."

"Top-notch service where well-trained staff will assist you and even serve you certain food items that require fresh preparations."

Contact numbers: 556-2888, 556-3888, 556-9888

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2. Vikings Luxury Buffet

"Enjoy endless gastronomic adventures with an Eat-All-You-Can meal at Vikings MOA."

"Cold cuts, cheese, sausages and more appetizers would certainly get you in the mood for an even more exciting menu of main courses."

"Witness live-action-cooking stations and high quality of food such as prime seafood to prime rib, stir-fried choices, gourmet pizzas and local favorites."

Contact numbers: 0917-5653888 / 0947-272-8433 / 846-3888 / 846-4888 / 846-5888

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3. Banzai All-Unlimited Japanese Buffet

"Banzai features various hot and cold stations that include Teppanyaki, Sushi, Sashimi & Rolls, Pizza, Takoyaki & Kaniyaki, Gohan, Noodles, & Ramen, Yakitori & Grill, Tempura & Tonkatsu, Salad, Dessert, and Beverages."

"Bite into freshly-made takoyaki, okonomiyaki, ebi tempura, and sip hot ramen."

Contact numbers: 09994713597 / 09163775357 / 552-7368

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4. Mongolian Rice Bowls

Each of Mongolian Rice Bowls' dishes is made out of the best ingredients and distinct sauces from sweet, mild and spicy to ensure quality and flavor in every bowl."

"This buffet restaurant opposite the bay aims to delight every diner with an array of choices that will take them on the ultimate foodie adventure."

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Contact number: 433-4200

5. Chef d' Angelo

"Chef d' Angelo is an American-Italian restaurant which always brings and serves more than just good food."
Buffet here consists of pasta (tomato, pesto and white sauces), potato salad, mushroom soup, three types of pizzas, sensationally crispy chicken, rice, beef brisket, salad with dressings, jelly and potatoes. Price per head is only at PhP 150.

Contact number: 556-0311

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6. Cabalen

"Cabalen, which literally translates to a fellow Capampangan, is a group of casual - fine dining restaurants known for authentic Capampangan dishes and different Filipino specialties, originating from Pampanga."

Contact number: 556 4874

I don't recall eating at this branch, but I can bet that the food are prepared and made consistent as in other branches.

7. Yakimix Japanese and Asian Buffet

"Make your chopsticks sing as you take your pick among the vast array of delectable choices starting with 6 kinds of appetizers and soups, around 10 salad variations, more than 20 luscious sushi variants, at least 30 choices of delightful grill-ready cuts, authentic Japanese favorites as well as other Asian fusion fares from Korean, Chinese and Filipino cuisines. Splurge on rows of cakes, tarts and other scrumptious sweets."

Contact numbers: 836-1535, 836-1536, 836-1537

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8. Movie Stars Cafe Manila Dino Buffet

"For hunger of epic proportions, scoff down deluxe hamburgers, sandwiches, and hotdogs in true Jurassic style at the Dinner Dino Buffet or Midnight Dino Buffet."

"The Dino Buffet has a huge variety of international cuisines from sausages, hamburgers, to pastas and different recipe styles of chicken, beef and pork."

"Enjoy the presence of your favorite movie icons/waiters as they serve you up in full movie regalia."
Contact numbers: 0905-2779999 / 0908-2009999 / 550-1234 / 550-1474

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9. Sakae Sushi

"Heaven for sushiphiles, Sakae Sushi presents itself as one of the finest forward-thinking Japanese restaurants, as it was one of the first which introduced the concept of conveyor belts to take food on small plates via self-service."

Contact number: 5560150

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10. Alba Restaurante Español (Prism Plaza)

Still in the MOA Complex, Alba Restaurante Español is located at the fourth level of Prism Plaza, Two E-Com Building. "Alba Restaurante Español has been the Philippines’ home of traditional Spanish cooking, satisfying generations of discerning food lovers enamored by the enticing flavors of Castilian cuisine for six decades."

"There are 18 different paella varieties at Alba’s, considered the widest array in town. From the classic Valenciana to new flavors such as Verde for vegetarians and practically everything else in between (Negra, Filipino, de Pato, Pollo Finas Hierbas, de Verduras, de Gambas, Arroz a la Regencia, de Cordero, Marinera, de Bacalao, de Langostinos, de Cangrejo, Tuhod y Batoc, Setas y Pesto, and Fideua). Other favorites are Spanish mainstays such as Callos, Lengua, Cochinillo, and a wide assortment of Spanish entrees and desserts that guests can feast on."

Contact numbers: 808-8210, 808-2326

I haven't dined in at this branch but we've experienced eating at their branch in Tomas Morato, QC. I think this is equally as good.

Wrap Up

Remember - nowadays, shopping can be done even when you're not in the physical store. For instance, dresses for sale online are rampant and Zalora can meet your need for those items. On the other hand, eating buffet meals is a different case. Whether you're a fan of Chinese, Italian, Spanish, American, Japanese or Filipino cuisine, these buffet restaurants in SM Mall of Asia (MOA) are worth your physical trip to the mall.