Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How You Can Use Google Plus for Your Content Strategy

Google is not only a search engine but this company has now expanded its services and products that all help to encourage every online user to follow the trend and be active online. One of which is Google Plus. This application does not only pertain to social networking but a lot more. Add your content strategy to match this backbone and future of Google and you can achieve more success in marketing and promoting your brand. In this article, we will talk about how you can utilize Google Plus in your content strategy.

How You Can Use Google Plus for Your Content Strategy

1. Google Authorship

The web is all about content, and so it would be very helpful if you can consolidate all your published posts to one area. And this is where Google Authorship comes in. By adding a markup in your blog and connecting your Google Plus profile to your home page, you can enter the gateway to claim all content as your own in Google. 

Google Authorship will automatically link your Google Plus account to your blog or blogs and users will see a photo of your avatar next to the results in the search engine. You can market your content and at the same time your credibility as a writer and contributor of the content. Readers will view you more as an expert and anyone who searches for your name through Google can access your profile listed in the search hits.

2. Get More Followers

Your writing style should have an impact to your audiences. Instead of just giving information away, it’s better to encourage them to interact and engage with your content and the result is to gain more followers. With this strategy, you can build a larger network and sphere of folks with common interest strategically. 

When you have an organization of connections that you have formed great relationships with, you can improve your brand promotional power. The benefit here from Google Plus is that your circle is not the only one who can view your content but also their circles and the public. You will have more traffic to your site and you can boost your SEO.

3. Get Content Trending Through Hash Tags

Just like Twitter and Facebook, Google Plus also allows users to use hash tags for topics or keywords to trend. In your content strategy, research for the relevant keywords to be used and let your content be dominated with these keywords. Hash tags in Google Plus will make your content become search-friendly to users and search engine bots. 

Whenever you publish a post, make sure to also share the article to your Google Plus circles and the public with these hash tags, for your content to result in the engines and social media around the globe.

4. Write Long Posts

In some aspect of SEO, the number of words that make up one article is critical. Some experts believe that your content should at least have 400 words to be indexed by major search engines and Google particularly faster and higher. 

Aside from this, when posting to Google Plus, it will be an advantage to write a short summary of the gist of your shared article to keep readers attracted. Engage them with heavier how-to guidelines and provide related links for further reading. This makes up for a great resource and help your content be more noticeable. Make sure that your posts are making sense.

5. Use Ripples and Direct Connect

If you’re not aware, Google Plus has several features that connect you to a greater audience. Two of them are Ripples and Direct Connect. Ripples is a function that identify users of the social networking site who shared a post in public including the number of audiences. This is for you to know how many people have likely seen your post and then you can begin to identify the “ripple effect” of the trend.

On the other hand, Direct Connect works like the Facebook Like Box. This requires you to embed a code in between the <head> tags in your blog’s back end, so that visitors in your blog will be able to add you directly from Google search results. A pre-requisite for this to be enabled is to first link your Google Plus profile to your blog (as mentioned in the first tip above).


Google Plus now is becoming powerful than ever, in regard to content marketing strategies. Match them together by applying these basic tips for writers, aspiring writers and audience alike. Try and practice SEO and social media marketing techniques and you will see great results in return.