Friday, January 18, 2013

Choose the Right Insurance Plan for Healthcare

 Out of all the insurance plans present in the market, two are your best bets. And you need them both, with no excuses, no questions asked. They are: health insurance and life insurance.

Trouble is, because these insurances are found to be as well the most basic necessities of mankind, there are many insurance companies offering their own versions of insurance policies. You will be spoiled for choice, not knowing which to choose.

In this page, we will help you in determining the components of the right individual insurance plan for healthcare. Our aim is to get you reach a good decision and best strategy for your health insurance.

2 Main Criteria of the Right Insurance Plan for Health

1. Coverage

Explore the features of the health insurance plan to get the most out of it. For instance, know that eye-care and dental services are usually not included in the coverage of a health insurance plan. So if ever you get blinded in one eye or you need to have a root canal suddenly, you cannot claim insurance money from the insurance plan you applied for. Blindness can be incorporated in the disability insurance, which you can ask the insurance company if you can avail of it as well.

It is very rare that insurance companies will not exempt dentistry and eye concerns. If they are covered, the premiums you have to pay will be incurred as more expensive than usual.

Also, a different type of insurance related to health is the maternity insurance. For example, you're not planning to have a baby anytime soon with your husband. But when you accidentally formed a baby in your womb and happened to have a maternity insurance to cover the expenses, you are the luckiest.

However, also note that since they are regarded as a special coverage, maternity packages as part of the health insurance come with a costly price.

Insurance as a Health Benefit from Your Company

If you are an employee working for a big company, you may have a health and medical insurance prepared for you by your employer. Companies often deal with insurance companies and buy group insurance packages to get bigger discounts. While you have this edge already, some features that you need may not be covered.

So it's wise to also check the coverage and make sure that you are fully insured. Else, purchasing a health insurance plan by yourself will not bring any harm. Consider then to extend the benefits to your dependents, if only you care. But this will in turn add on to the premium you have to pay for.

2. Affordability

At stake for the cost of the individual healthcare insurance are your age and also your health.


Age spells a big difference, actually. It is common seen that a younger person is much healthier than one that will retire soon from working. Senior citizens have to pay higher amount of premiums than those younger people, as old folks are presumed to be utilizing the benefits of the health insurance very soon.


Health is wealth, and so the health factors in as an important contributor to the cost of the health insurance plan. If your family does not have many sicknesses recorded down in history of genetics, the health insurance company may evaluate your plan as cheaper one.

Additionally, the health insurance company will assess your health score by asking you to fill out a form with questions pertaining to your health. You have to be honest about the illnesses you have experienced in the past and present. You are to put whether or not you have a high blood cholesterol or extremely anemic, if you have vertigo, allergies, have experienced a major syndrome and the like.

These are precautions for them to state how much of the insurance you will be needing to cover for those sicknesses. So when such sickness comes up later, you will be properly insured. However, the disadvantage is that you will be paying for more expensive insurance plan for healthcare.