Monday, December 31, 2012

How to Use Credit Card For Your Online Purchase Without Compromising Safety

I have been using my credit card for a while now to purchase items online. Mostly we buy stuff that are cheaper in online stores like eBay, Amazon and online deals sites thru PayPal connected to our credit card. It was my mom who introduced this concept to me. We don't have worries regarding security of payments and transactions made.

However, some people can't be too sure. If you are also one who's not confident about using your credit card for your online purchases, let me tell about some precautions credit card companies have in place to make sure that payments are made smoothly and without problems.

Dangers of Using Credit Cards to Pay for Things Online?

First of all, let's tackle on the dangers such as scams associated with using credit cards online.

Gone are the days when people visit physical stores for shopping. Especially now that we're equipped with the Internet accessibility, we can shop for things that are not available in our country. We look out to online shops which offer delivery in international countries and those which allow online payments be made.

Many people now have succumbed to the idea of Internet shopping hence. To make sure that your details are within the right hands, follow these helpful tips below:

1. Log on to popular websites known for safety and trust.

Admittedly, there are many dubious sites found on the web. Anyone can sell online, without knowing who's who. And so anyone can be tricked by these culprits who mess online financial dealings. To solve this, research which websites to visit for online shopping to eliminate or lessen the probability of falling into bad traps. 
Read forums and comments made on the site. Find out the marketing strategies and testimonials of existing or previous customers. Check issues and if you found that there are lots of complaints, don't anymore buy stuff from the site. Plain and easy!

2. Have the protection code protect your identity.

Some people may use your credit card to make online purchases. But no one can use it successfully without knowing the protection code found at the back of your credit card. Increasingly, online shops now demand for this protection code to as well protect their authority online.

Before finalizing with your purchase, you will have to provide a card verification number which consists of small code with three digits beside or below the signature bar of your card at the back. Aside from that, the online shop has to request for your credit card name (the holder) and the expiration date before rendering the payment transaction.
3. List all your credit card numbers.

You can't use your credit card numbers to call people lest it's the same as your phone number. Kidding aside, write all the numbers of your valuable credit cards into a list on paper. This is to stop your liabilities from recurring with the use of your credit card without your consent.

How? Keep the list with you anywhere you go. It's advisable to insert it in your wallet or purse. Whenever you receive a credit card billing statement that shows that you have purchased things that you actually did not, you can terminate the credit card right away. Call the credit card company and confirm the loss or theft. You can also trace the transactions and know who did this and when.
4. Don't click on links inside phishing emails.

Don't be hooked to these scams that are intended to get access to your credit card information. These emails rip off your personal data from your email account and then obtain your passwords and sensitive data.

You know if an email is a spam when there's is no subject or no name in the first line of the email message. Also, if you are not familiar with the sender or the subject, don't ever dare to open the email and click on the links inside.

5. You gotta have a PayPal account.

PayPal supports both Visa and MasterCard credit cards. Signing up for an account is easy. You just have to submit a form and pay a reimbursable amount to your bank, enter the pin code and there you go--you are a step closer to being ultimately safe in doing online shopping and online credit card payments.

When sellers don't deliver your item paid thru PayPal, you can report it to PayPal by clicking a button there or writing them an email. Their staff will investigate on the issue. If proven true, you will be rightfully compensated and PayPal will charge the accused for his wrong. PayPal will give your money back as well as a paying customer!

Wrap Up

Amidst the many hullabaloos of the use of credit cards for online payments, online shopping is here to stay. It is now a grand industry, in fact. Internet protection progresses forward and netizens will experience less dangers for years to come.