Monday, October 1, 2012

Do You Roll or Fold the Clothes When Packing?

Like traveling? I’m sure you are keen to travel to different places because of dining, shopping, entertainment, meeting new people, experiencing diverse culture and the list goes on. But one thing that can keep you infuriated sometimes is packing. This includes packing your clothes into your luggage and many other things that you should carry. With packing, you also need to consider the size of your bag, the weight of your baggage and how you are going to pack all your things to fit inside x number of hand-carry bags and/or check-in bags.

Case in point is with clothes. In this article, we will decipher which method of packing clothes is best. Is it rolling, folding or bundle wrapping? Especially if you’re traveling not simply for pleasure but for business, you have to think about proper packaging of your clothes to appear presentable at any time.

Folding Clothes isn’t a Good Suggestion, or is it?

For many routine travelers and for many of us at home, we fold clothes after taking them out of the laundry to our closets. So we also consider this as a convenient and conventional way of organizing our stuff in our travels. While this works well for cotton clothing, some slacks and button-down polo shirts are made with too sensitive materials. They easily form unwanted creases and wrinkles when folded. The solution can be to bring a handy iron and iron the clothes out before the day of meeting or presentation. This can be a time-consuming feat though.

Alternative Method # 1: Rolling

If you don’t want your clothes to be formed with wrinkles and don’t want to iron, rolling can be a good way to pack clothes into your suitcase. Rolling allows more pieces to be compactly packed together into your luggage. As well, it cuts down the creases that create messes. This is recommended for your clothing items made of synthetic fabrics such as nylon or rayon. Rolling also works well for socks, shorts, synthetic T-shirts, pajamas and sweats.

Alternative Method # 2: Bundle Wrapping

Bundle wrapping is a technique you can use to also shun away from wrinkles on your clothes. By bundling your cloths into a tight and solid wrap, you can do away with the creases. Place your more sensitive clothing inside the bundle and surround it with layers and layers of larger and more easily wrinkled garments.

When all else fail, just try to send it to the hotel service. Maybe they can offer you free ironing when you flash your pearly whites and ask humbly!