Sunday, February 26, 2012

Why Old Women Have Short Hair

An observation I got from watching movies, reality shows (makeovers) and live people in the streets and just about everywhere:
Most older women have short hair.
From this, I wondered about two things: 
  1. "Why do they want short hair? Are they adhering to some golden rule?"
  2. "Will I also have my hair short when I reach a certain age?"
Hence, a short research has began. Here are my findings:

Short hair is generally easier to manage and maintain.

In more ways than one, donning short hair can be easily looked after than long hair.  Dry and split ends would not be as noticeable. With shorter hair, cost of shampoos, conditioners, volumizers and other hair products will be reduced. Time spent in looking at the mirror to check the hair, combing the hair, deciding what style or hairdo to make and shopping for hair accessories will also be lessened.

Some older women may have arthritis and so they will have difficulties moving their arms to fix and wash their hair like they used to. Time spent bathing, washing and blowdrying the hair will be cut to almost half if not more. So they can spend more time in relaxation, looking after their loved ones and other things they find with higher importance.

Short hair makes mature women look fresh, elegant and stylish.

No woman in her right frame of mind would like to look older than her she actually is; every woman would want to appear young and energetic. While some women would go for bold accessories, colorful prints and radiant makeup to look young, others have their hair cut short to look graceful and stylish. With short hair, there's like an instant facial lift rather than with long hair which drags down features.

According to hairdressers in the salon, bobcut with layers of short hair length suits most women age 40s and above with round faces. Another good suggestion is to add layers to incorporate more volume and body and create an illusion of hair looking thicker. To hide signs of baldness and receding hairlines, side swept bangs and fringes are recommended.

Will I also jump to the bandwagon and turn to short hair when I become old?

Right now I don't know yet. I had shoulder-length hair twice (the shortest I tried) and my heart was broken twice in those instances. It just doesn't suit me but rather just weakened my confidence in facing people.

To me, the length or style of the hair does not matter to match old age. What's quintessential is to get the right one. To each is own. If a woman looks fabulous and her hair is in great condition and flattering to her face, she should wear her hair as long as she pleases.