Saturday, February 25, 2012

What Small Talks Bring You: Only Big Success

One thing about client relationships I have learned while working in Singapore is the importance of small talks. In the Philippines, engaging in small talks are quite usual; people are mostly friendly, so I worried less about asking about them and anything under the sun (except sensitive topics or issues). But here, I found people to be more serious who are more focused to talk about only what's going on in the business side and less on the personal side. (Excuse me for the sweeping generalization; this is just my two cents.)

Little by little, I've observed how different people in seminars and events I've gone to walk up and converse with others. And I've realized that without small talks in any business function, every discussion will be like a raw sales pitch. Without personal interaction, everyone is just like a robot.

Small talk is not ide talk.
  • Small talks are important. Yet many business people scoff at this form of conversation, look down their nose or avoid talking at all. Most have fallen for the misconception that small talk has no purpose. Knowing what to say as opening line to break the ice takes time and skill associated with socializing.
  • Small takes provide a big impact on the business' or networking's success. People establish good relationships and grow on them with the value of this friend-making talk. So do not discount the "small" in "small talk," because it is really a powerful relationship-building tool.
  • Small talks should not be of garbage language. They should somehow be a purposeful talk with the intention of discovering more about others and finding how you can help them. The conversation will present opportunities later on in discovering the good qualities others have outside of business, while helping others feel comfortable sharing in or out of office hours.
  • Small talks make us influence people. They are such purposeful talks which can have big results. Not only will it help winning your deal, it will also help winning you new friends!