Thursday, December 8, 2011

Why Are Most Online Writers Selfish?

As I've come across reading hundreds of online articles now, I have noticed one common trend (or is it a rule, I'm not sure): online writers, bloggers, webmasters and/or marketers alike avoid linking out to other website links other than theirs. Why is this so?

If you're one of these people, do you feel that you're doing yourself a disservice by including outbound links? Do you fear that you will somehow lose your Google Page Rank by doing this? Or are you just too lazy to look for topics that can make your article be a better source of info?

Readers will be more interested in what they're reading (in this case, your article's topic) if they can find other articles for followup. As a reader myself, I find outbound links helpful as I need not go to a search engine for related contents.

If you're thinking that outbound links will add little value or nothing to your ranking, or drain your Google Page Rank (by metaphysically jumping to other pages), then think about this:

Let’s suppose that the Google Page Rank of one "Master Website" is at 5 and you're linking out to this site's posts which you found relevant to your article’s theme. If you're very lucky, this "Master Website" might give you a back link in return, and that will only improve your ranking. If you're linking to good, non-spam, non-link farm sites, reciprocal links will not harm your Page Rank. The incoming karma is just as marginal as the one you give out, but all those bits and pieces will add up over time.

So there you go: It's okay to add outbounds link into your posts but make sure the links don't cause problem. Choose links that are relevant to your article, and keep the outbound links spread throughout the body of the article. 

Happy writing!