Sunday, December 11, 2011

Planning to Buy a Hair Dryer? Read Me First!

Having the best blow dryer can be a great help in achieving your preferred selected hairstyle. Here are some points to consider when choosing the best blow dryer for your hair:

Choose one with at least 1800 watts.

If you're on busy and hectic schedule, you definitely don't want a hair dryer that takes forever to do its job. Normally, hair driers can run as high as 2000 watts. But you can get by with as little as 1800 watts.

If you're really pressed for time, you may want to consider the new thermal styling tools that use negative ionic energy to dry your hair in about half the time of a conventional blow dryer. What's more beneficial is that they produce moisture into your hair during the drying process, making your hair healthier. The only drawback for most is the pricey cost.

Choose one with a nozzle attachment.

A nozzle attachment allows the flow of warm air to be more focused so you can direct the flow of heat to certain parts of your hair that may be hard to reach. This is particularly effective for straightening your hair, as it tends to have a smoothing effect on the hair shaft when directed downwards.

Choose one with a diffuser attachment.

This is useful if you have curly hair and want to enhance your look. This enables you to enhance the curls of your hair while taming any unwanted frizz.

Choose one which offers several heat settings.

At the very least, you'll need a hot or warm setting and a cooler one. The cooler setting will come in handy if you color treat your hair and have sustained damage which may respond poorly to heat. The cooler setting can also help to seal the cuticle of your hair which helps to hold your hairstyle in place. The hotter setting is convenient if you have relatively strong, undamaged hair and you need to dry it quickly.

Choose one which is light-weight.

You don't want to strain your arms in blow-drying your hair, right? If you have long and thick hair, chances are, you'll be holding the blow dryer for long periods of time to get your long hair dry. Putting your arms up and carrying a heavy blow dryer may cause hand fatigue. If you're going to be using your dryer a lot,  choose one that's lighter in weight is best.

Also suggested if possible is you test out the blow dryer on your hair for a couple of minutes before proceeding with your purchase, to complete the overall check.