Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How to Establish Your Presence in Twitter - 6 Easy Steps

People on Twitter are media savvy, wide readers who share common interests and connect with others. With this trend, Twitter can be a powerful social media tool to promote your website or market your business' products and/or services. Here are ways on how to make your mark and establish yourself as a tweeter in Twitter:

Step 1

Join Twitter and sign up for an account. Start tweeting. Get used to writing short tweets and sharing important information from your company, blog or yourself. Not every tweet has to relate directly to your these big three. Anything that interests people can be valuable.

Step 2

Follow Twitter users who tweet about topics that are relevant to your domain. When you begin following people, people will start following you back. Soon, more and more people will also get potential targets to start reading and replying to your tweets (symbol is '@'). Example: @rochkirstin How are you today?

Step 3

Post tweets with links to your blog and/or individual articles. After each post, use relevant hash tags (symbol is '#'). For instance, if you're area of specialty is about healthy living, after the message, type #healthyliving. This will allow your post to show up when people search for the term 'healthyliving.'

Step 4

Read the topics that you post about on Twitter. For example, if you post about low fat foods, read posts with the hash tag #lowfatfoods. When you find a post that you find interesting, reply to it. The person who wrote the post will read your reply. In the process, you may attract a new reader who will follow your blog or visit your company website.

Step 5

Tweet regularly. Engage people that read your tweets. Ask questions and encourage people to answer. Tweet random (but relevant) things without linking to your blog so your Twitter account is more than an advertisement.

Step 6

Feel free to ask people to repost links to your website on their Twitter acounts, blogs and other social media outlets. In exchange, offer to do the same for those who help you out. You'll meet great people and find new, exciting blogs and websites.