Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Overeating Should Be Out of My System

 And so it should be out in yours! Here's how:
  1. Keep away from "hunger eye." Pay attention to the quantity of food you consume per meal in a day. Mind the number of servings you take and be selective of what you eat. If your meal comprises of variety of dishes and you are tempted to try all of them, make sure you have small servings of each of them. Go for food that are healthy and have lesser calorie count.
  2. Have regular time intervals for eating. Eating five times a day (with ample amount of food intake) is recommended by many online sources and books I've read. Don't allow yourself to be starved as you will tend to overeat in your next meal thinking of compensating for the period of hunger.
  3. Drink a glass of water or a bowl of appetizing soup before having a meal. This is to fill your stomach with liquid and thus prevent you from indulgence. Green salads will also do, or any fiber-rich food that gives the effect of making you feel fuller to curb further temptation come actual meal.
  4. Don't be persuaded by your emotions and moods that influence eating habits. Find signals and slow or calm yourself down before you're too stuffed.
  5. Don't hang out in restaurants, food counters or cafeterias often. In the same coin, don't buy tidbits or food you can't possibly resist for inappropriate snacks. Don't hang out with the same overeating people! :D