Monday, November 21, 2011

Now You Can Defeat Jealousy Like Plants Defeat Zombies

To match the previous tips for making your special someone jealous, here are antidotes to cure the madness of jealousy. You know, as much as we can feel flattered by it, jealousy can be such a rage which can damage relationships and affect psychology at worst. It can possibly become even deadlier let alone not answered. 

This and add the fact that dealing with a jealous partner creates quite an irritating tension, you sure don't want to miss knowing how to handle a jealous type of partner. Here are some helpful tips to turn that green-eyed monster's eyes back to normal again.

1. Talk--is cheap but is important.

Sit down and relax. Initiate a conversation with your partner and learn what makes him or her jealous. Instead of jumping into conclusions and going for accusations, ask for specific situations bring out this undesirable trait. Let your partner finally admit that he or she has the jealousy problem. Find out if it's innate with the personality. Are there specific people he or she is feeling jealous over? Dig deep within and pinpoint exactly the instances or people that make him or her the most uncomfortable.

Ask for suggestions on how you can help alleviating the emotional pain. Until you don't have satisfactory answers to these, you will never learn how to deal with jealousy and eliminate it out of your relationship.

Once you get the answers, show understanding and move on.

2. Give honest-to-goodness assurance.

Reassure of your love and affection. Show that you care.

Compliment your partner. Utter sweet and meaningful praises to combat insecurity. Make him or her feel extra special. Reminisce sweet moments when you're together. Remind him or her of times when you're attracted to him or her and tell all the great attributes and reasons why you like him or her so much.

3. Make yourself a defined couple: always together.

In parties, occasions or social events, always bring your partner together with you. Don't visit any place alone, without his or her consent or knowledge. 

Try to shy away from guys or gals night out. Make your partner feel that his or her presence matters.

If after some time, you are still experiencing jealousy within your relationship, you may want to diagnose whether or not you still have a healthy relationship. But on the other hand, accept that all unions will have some type of relationship issues at some point. If you feel the need to consult a counselor for advice and guidance, then go ahead and do so.
Believe that you can fix things. Accept that jealousy is a part of everyone's makeup and be prepared to acknowledge it. Work on that spark once more, build on trust and brush your teeth--kiss up and love love love!