Sunday, November 20, 2011

No-sweat Ways on How to Make Him Jealous

Jealousy is often regarded as a negative emotion, particularly of insecurity and lack of conviction in oneself. However, in some special cases, as much as jealousy is a treacherous knife to relationships, it is also a way to prove how much your boyfriend or significant other loves you.

Here are tried and tested ways (oh yes!) on how to make him jealous:

1. Comment to posts, pictures, videos, notes and activities of your other guy friends in Facebook/other social networking sites publicly.

The closer you seem together and the better your connection with them, the more your guy will think he's got competition. When he asks a lot about your conversations and relationships with them, he's definitely curious or even already jealous! 

To exacerbate more, provide elaborate and descriptive answers of how they're making you smile or how good they are at entertaining you. Give him a better picture of how you're enjoying their company.

2. Fill your social calendar with activities and let him know of your busy schedule.

Build up your image as a social woman--even if you're not one. Say no at least twice whenever he asks for a date. Just say your day has been booked weeks earlier. 

You can spend some time alone window-shopping, watching movies, reading books, cleaning the house, etc. But don't tell him where you'll spend the day and what your agenda is. This empowerment will drive him crazy for sure.

If you sense that his attention has been caught, continue playing with his mind in the meantime and get back to him the following week.

3. Go on with friendly dates.

This can be with a group of male-female mix of friends or occasionally just male friends. Avoid the serious, romantic encounters, though. When he learns about this, he will feel challenged and think the other guys may have found something in you that he missed. He may also feel threatened and think that others are better than him.

Jealousy is part of human nature, many people say. Love without jealousy means nothing. He being jealous at times can be healthy because then you'll know he takes you as his empire. You are the the dearest in his life. Intentionally making him feel jealous can be quite fun and wicked, but be careful not to overdo it. 

If you think your boyfriend is already the jealousy type then don't attempt to do the tips in this post, as over jealousy can turn to bitterness and awkward situations. Worst thing is when he feels so furious that he thinks of you as a cheater. Then it's time to turn and read my upcoming article for ways on how to deal with jealousy.