Saturday, November 19, 2011

Little Known Ways to Talk Effectively and Sell


Consider for a moment a world where there is chocolate but no vanilla. 
Peanut butter but no jelly. 
Professional soccer teams but no games.
When selling, too many consultants focus only on half of the story. Because of this, they miss out on a lot of the available opportunities. Where's the half of their focus go onto? Pain.

Don't get me wrong. This post is about emphasizing gains as well the importance of hearing out the pains of clients. Knowing their problems go a long way towards helping you discover how your services can help.

The secret is to uncover your prospect’s pain and sell your products and services as solutions. Prospective clients would much rather talk than listen to you; and if YOU listen carefully, you'll be able to solve their problems and paint a picture of a future they weren't able to see for themselves. Their gratitude will reach no boundaries.

Here are some suggested questions that look to the future, which might help both of you analyze their current situation:
  1. What's the one problem you'd give anything to solve?
  2. What's not working as it should?
  3. If you could create the perfect business environment, life for you, what would that be?

By securing their answers, you will be able to paint the most compelling, impactful and comprehensive vision of a new and better reality for your clients. Then you'll have intelligent hints on how to provide and advise them with available solutions that are already present in your hands.


By focusing on afflictions and not on their goals and aspirations this time for the business, you give yourself not only the opportunity to solve important problems, but the chance to help them realize their dreams. complete me. You had me at hello. But it's only when afflictions are combined when the circle of life is completed.

Practice and practice and you’ll find yourself improving from one conversation and one prospect client for sales. Your relationships will get richer, your relationships deeper and your sales success greater.