Wednesday, November 23, 2011

If You Don't Try Online Dating Now, You'll Hate Yourself Later!

You're dying to find a great potential partner in life. You're pressured by all your friends and relatives to get married. The society's media also urges you to finally start a family of your own and enjoy life.

Problem is, you've ran out of acquaintances, mutual friends, community friends, school batch mates and colleagues to date with.

Solution is, you've still got the online dating services. Have a slice of the "hope" pie they offer. "Busted" may not really be your middle name. Well, you never know unless you try.

For starters, the whole idea of online dating stamps may seem unusual and shivery. We hear wicked experiences from friends that turn out to be disasters. Of course, identity and honesty issues are common perils lingering in the cyber space. But regardless offline or online dating, unfortunate incidents occur anyway. So in any case, whatever your stake, believe that there is someone ready and waiting to ply for your desires and jump into the bandwagon.

Before doing so, you need to have cyber seatbelts on and know the rules of speed limits and traffic lights. If not, there would be complete lawlessness and chaos. Here are some very significant online dating advices you should take note of:

1. DO NOT give out any of your private information (e.g. phone numbers, home address and financial details).

Giving out a bulk of your personal information makes you vulnerable of falling into traps identity theft or being victimized by a cyber-sneak. Also, don’t dare to expose your darkest secrets. When things are done, you can be blackmailed.

You can maintain your anonymity while you cross each suitor off the list. For further interaction with safety on the line, you can tell your likes and dislikes, interests and beliefs and qualities about yourself.

2. Enter your new date’s name on a search engine.

Be a spy. At least, you can tell if you’re dating someone with good background apart from what he or she is telling you. Research hard and it will pay off.

3. Meet up offline only when you’re ready.

This is when you feel that there’s really a connection that can go a long way ahead. Else, take your time slowly as you do not want to be rushed into a meeting when you are unsure. Trust your gut to tell you if it seems alright. It is also better to consult a dear friend on these matters before agreeing to a meeting.

When you decide to go for that first date, meet up in a place where there’s lot of people around. Tell your best friends about it so they that can back you up later on, for security.

Last Say

Finding the ideal person through online dating sites is almost the same as it is done in real life; there is no fool-proof way of knowing which one is right for you without trying out to converse with a few.