Monday, November 14, 2011

How to Choose the Best Swimsuit For Your Body Type

Every time I go out to beaches and public swimming pools, I observe how women wear their swimsuits. I'm not interested in looking through their bodies and judging them through their figures. Rather, I'm concerned about the type of swimwear they're clad with. What's flattering and not? What's in and out? All-year round and not just in the summer, people go swimming. As a normal female human being, you are required to have need at least one swimming attire, one swimsuit that will not be garbage to everybody's eyes as to embarrass yourself but one that will certainly flatter and complement your shape.

Here are some tips that I've collected for choosing the best swimsuit for your body type, in the hopes that they will inspire confidence. Some of them are just theoretical for me. Use what works for you.

If you have a large waistline but small frame (slim shoulders), go for a solid-colored tank top and a patterned bottom for a balanced look. For a more flattering effect, opt for a maillot (one-piece bathing suit) with tummy control.

If you have larger hips or butt and small frame and waist, don't buy colorful bottoms as they will help emphasize your hips more. Instead, try suits with dark and solid colors (preferably skirt type) and a patterned top.

If you have small bust problems, try a halter bikini padded top that has a band, seam or ruffles. To enhance your cleavage, fit into triangle bikini tops with a thin foam liner to add volume to your bust line.

If you're the slender, athletic type with broad shoulders and waist and hips that are the similar in width, go for one-piece or two-piece suits with detailing around the waist to help create a more hourglass shape. If this is you, you're lucky because just about any classic styled bathing suit should look fine for your figure.

Apart from the look of it, comfort is important. After window-shopping for a perfect swimsuit, try on whatever catches your eye based on the guidelines above. Crucial to this comfort issue is coverage.  The nicer your body, the less coverage you need, unless you’re shy or you’re smart and want to save your skin from sun damage. You can apply sunscreen and sunless tanner and have a beautiful glowing tan without the sun exposure. Just be sure to evenly distribute and don't over apply the self tanner and end up looking a shade or orange. If you plan to be swimming or playing volleyball or surfing, you may want more coverage because a suit that covers more of you also tends to hang on, where flimsier, actually make that skimpier, things might fall off or out.

With board shorts, boy shorts and hipster bikinis, we can buy suits that fit even in the middle of a plus size day or PMS fat attack. A well-cut one-piece can hide and camouflage an assortment of figure flaws. Contrary to what some experts will tell you, large floral designs do not minimize a heavy body, and you don’t have to wear black either. Depending on where the chubbiness lies, a smaller-coverage suit may turn out to be more flattering than the high-coverage suit you didn’t want to buy anyway. No one can possibly see all the lumps and bumps as the girl in the bathing suit in the mirror does, so pick the least worst suit you can find, and get out there and play!

Choosing the right swimsuit encompasses a lot of decision-making and sprees of creativity. Your final choice is still personal and tailored to your taste. Before you head to the counter to purchase one, just make sure you buy something that won’t come apart when it hits the water.