Wednesday, November 23, 2011

If You Don't Try Online Dating Now, You'll Hate Yourself Later!

You're dying to find a great potential partner in life. You're pressured by all your friends and relatives to get married. The society's media also urges you to finally start a family of your own and enjoy life.

Problem is, you've ran out of acquaintances, mutual friends, community friends, school batch mates and colleagues to date with.

Solution is, you've still got the online dating services. Have a slice of the "hope" pie they offer. "Busted" may not really be your middle name. Well, you never know unless you try.

For starters, the whole idea of online dating stamps may seem unusual and shivery. We hear wicked experiences from friends that turn out to be disasters. Of course, identity and honesty issues are common perils lingering in the cyber space. But regardless offline or online dating, unfortunate incidents occur anyway. So in any case, whatever your stake, believe that there is someone ready and waiting to ply for your desires and jump into the bandwagon.

Before doing so, you need to have cyber seatbelts on and know the rules of speed limits and traffic lights. If not, there would be complete lawlessness and chaos. Here are some very significant online dating advices you should take note of:

1. DO NOT give out any of your private information (e.g. phone numbers, home address and financial details).

Giving out a bulk of your personal information makes you vulnerable of falling into traps identity theft or being victimized by a cyber-sneak. Also, don’t dare to expose your darkest secrets. When things are done, you can be blackmailed.

You can maintain your anonymity while you cross each suitor off the list. For further interaction with safety on the line, you can tell your likes and dislikes, interests and beliefs and qualities about yourself.

2. Enter your new date’s name on a search engine.

Be a spy. At least, you can tell if you’re dating someone with good background apart from what he or she is telling you. Research hard and it will pay off.

3. Meet up offline only when you’re ready.

This is when you feel that there’s really a connection that can go a long way ahead. Else, take your time slowly as you do not want to be rushed into a meeting when you are unsure. Trust your gut to tell you if it seems alright. It is also better to consult a dear friend on these matters before agreeing to a meeting.

When you decide to go for that first date, meet up in a place where there’s lot of people around. Tell your best friends about it so they that can back you up later on, for security.

Last Say

Finding the ideal person through online dating sites is almost the same as it is done in real life; there is no fool-proof way of knowing which one is right for you without trying out to converse with a few. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Now You Can Defeat Jealousy Like Plants Defeat Zombies

To match the previous tips for making your special someone jealous, here are antidotes to cure the madness of jealousy. You know, as much as we can feel flattered by it, jealousy can be such a rage which can damage relationships and affect psychology at worst. It can possibly become even deadlier let alone not answered. 

This and add the fact that dealing with a jealous partner creates quite an irritating tension, you sure don't want to miss knowing how to handle a jealous type of partner. Here are some helpful tips to turn that green-eyed monster's eyes back to normal again.

1. Talk--is cheap but is important.

Sit down and relax. Initiate a conversation with your partner and learn what makes him or her jealous. Instead of jumping into conclusions and going for accusations, ask for specific situations bring out this undesirable trait. Let your partner finally admit that he or she has the jealousy problem. Find out if it's innate with the personality. Are there specific people he or she is feeling jealous over? Dig deep within and pinpoint exactly the instances or people that make him or her the most uncomfortable.

Ask for suggestions on how you can help alleviating the emotional pain. Until you don't have satisfactory answers to these, you will never learn how to deal with jealousy and eliminate it out of your relationship.

Once you get the answers, show understanding and move on.

2. Give honest-to-goodness assurance.

Reassure of your love and affection. Show that you care.

Compliment your partner. Utter sweet and meaningful praises to combat insecurity. Make him or her feel extra special. Reminisce sweet moments when you're together. Remind him or her of times when you're attracted to him or her and tell all the great attributes and reasons why you like him or her so much.

3. Make yourself a defined couple: always together.

In parties, occasions or social events, always bring your partner together with you. Don't visit any place alone, without his or her consent or knowledge. 

Try to shy away from guys or gals night out. Make your partner feel that his or her presence matters.

If after some time, you are still experiencing jealousy within your relationship, you may want to diagnose whether or not you still have a healthy relationship. But on the other hand, accept that all unions will have some type of relationship issues at some point. If you feel the need to consult a counselor for advice and guidance, then go ahead and do so.
Believe that you can fix things. Accept that jealousy is a part of everyone's makeup and be prepared to acknowledge it. Work on that spark once more, build on trust and brush your teeth--kiss up and love love love!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

No-sweat Ways on How to Make Him Jealous

Jealousy is often regarded as a negative emotion, particularly of insecurity and lack of conviction in oneself. However, in some special cases, as much as jealousy is a treacherous knife to relationships, it is also a way to prove how much your boyfriend or significant other loves you.

Here are tried and tested ways (oh yes!) on how to make him jealous:

1. Comment to posts, pictures, videos, notes and activities of your other guy friends in Facebook/other social networking sites publicly.

The closer you seem together and the better your connection with them, the more your guy will think he's got competition. When he asks a lot about your conversations and relationships with them, he's definitely curious or even already jealous! 

To exacerbate more, provide elaborate and descriptive answers of how they're making you smile or how good they are at entertaining you. Give him a better picture of how you're enjoying their company.

2. Fill your social calendar with activities and let him know of your busy schedule.

Build up your image as a social woman--even if you're not one. Say no at least twice whenever he asks for a date. Just say your day has been booked weeks earlier. 

You can spend some time alone window-shopping, watching movies, reading books, cleaning the house, etc. But don't tell him where you'll spend the day and what your agenda is. This empowerment will drive him crazy for sure.

If you sense that his attention has been caught, continue playing with his mind in the meantime and get back to him the following week.

3. Go on with friendly dates.

This can be with a group of male-female mix of friends or occasionally just male friends. Avoid the serious, romantic encounters, though. When he learns about this, he will feel challenged and think the other guys may have found something in you that he missed. He may also feel threatened and think that others are better than him.

Jealousy is part of human nature, many people say. Love without jealousy means nothing. He being jealous at times can be healthy because then you'll know he takes you as his empire. You are the the dearest in his life. Intentionally making him feel jealous can be quite fun and wicked, but be careful not to overdo it. 

If you think your boyfriend is already the jealousy type then don't attempt to do the tips in this post, as over jealousy can turn to bitterness and awkward situations. Worst thing is when he feels so furious that he thinks of you as a cheater. Then it's time to turn and read my upcoming article for ways on how to deal with jealousy.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Little Known Ways to Talk Effectively and Sell


Consider for a moment a world where there is chocolate but no vanilla. 
Peanut butter but no jelly. 
Professional soccer teams but no games.
When selling, too many consultants focus only on half of the story. Because of this, they miss out on a lot of the available opportunities. Where's the half of their focus go onto? Pain.

Don't get me wrong. This post is about emphasizing gains as well the importance of hearing out the pains of clients. Knowing their problems go a long way towards helping you discover how your services can help.

The secret is to uncover your prospect’s pain and sell your products and services as solutions. Prospective clients would much rather talk than listen to you; and if YOU listen carefully, you'll be able to solve their problems and paint a picture of a future they weren't able to see for themselves. Their gratitude will reach no boundaries.

Here are some suggested questions that look to the future, which might help both of you analyze their current situation:
  1. What's the one problem you'd give anything to solve?
  2. What's not working as it should?
  3. If you could create the perfect business environment, life for you, what would that be?

By securing their answers, you will be able to paint the most compelling, impactful and comprehensive vision of a new and better reality for your clients. Then you'll have intelligent hints on how to provide and advise them with available solutions that are already present in your hands.


By focusing on afflictions and not on their goals and aspirations this time for the business, you give yourself not only the opportunity to solve important problems, but the chance to help them realize their dreams. complete me. You had me at hello. But it's only when afflictions are combined when the circle of life is completed.

Practice and practice and you’ll find yourself improving from one conversation and one prospect client for sales. Your relationships will get richer, your relationships deeper and your sales success greater.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Tell Me, Are Smart Phone Casings Really Necessary?

Before the emergence and era of smart phones, cell phones had original casings that go with the unit which can be removed and replaced, else their "intestines" (parts or boards) and keypads will be exposed and be out of place. There's no debate on whether or not the phone casing is a must here because it's part of the body itself.


On the contrary, smart phones do not need casings because they already are cased in with an outer shell, which is irremovable. 

But turn to your left, right, front and back. In all levels and degrees, smart phone users have fit another casing made up of either jelly, plastic, rubber, leather, silicone, metal, steel, fabric or other unique materials. 


Does this case or protector stand as an artsy unneeded dazzle or an indispensable vital armor? If it's really needed then why didn't Apple, Samsung, HTC, Nokia and other phone manufacturers include this together with the phone in the box? Tell Me, Are Smart Phone Casings Really Necessary?

I've asked some phone sellers for their thoughts and rationalizations, to validate or counter my understanding.

To summarize, I'm sold to the idea that buying and installing a case is a must if you want to keep your phone in a good and stable condition.

Adding up another phone case helps protect the phone's surface and screen from scratches, dents and breakage. When it comes to functionality, some cases may offer just mere covering and nice design, while others promise a snug fit, a good grip and optimal protection from scratches, breaks, bumps, falls, water, dirt and dust. The phone case-slash-accessory also draws movements created accidentally to better display images in Portrait or Landscape, whichever implicitly put or acted upon by the user.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

At Last, Questions Now Identified to Help Choose Between Abortion and Adoption

Congratulations for having that unwanted pregnancy. Now boom! What are you going to do next?

As premartial sex occur without protection, many unwanted pregnancies result in. Ethics are probed. Important decisions need to be made. In the case of irresponsible adults or couples who cannot handle the idea of having a kid or becoming parents, prominent choice is either to put the child up for adoption or abortion.

I have long realized that this is a much controversial and touchy subject, after receiving harsh comments in my previous blog in Friendster (now gone). I admit that I wrote the post regarding abortion before with solid grounds pro the movement (to ease out poverty issues and distress particularly in the Philippines). Now I aim to take it lighter by offering the option of adoption and asking just some questions which can trigger sthe election of a choice.

Here goes: Abortion versus Adoption

Abortion has been in the "hot seat" for many years in many countries, and it will continue to be debated through centuries to come, I am sure.

If you're in the midst of an unwanted pregnancy and you  and/or your "beloved" partner know that nurturing and supporting the child to grow is highly impossble, oftentimes the first thing that comes to mind is to abort the baby (or fetus). Listed are considerations to ponder upon:
  1. Have you and your partner agreed to undergo the painful operation of abortion?
  2. Is this something that has been thought through to the fullest extent? Are you ready to give up the life of a child of God for whatever reasons may be?
  3. Have you consulted their parents, mentors, elders or some professional counselor who can provide reasonable advice?
  4. Are you prepared for the emotional havoc that this choice is sure to place on your mind later on? Can you handle this child's missed life being on your conscience? Are you prepared for the physical, psychological and emotional pain that will come almost naturally with abortion?
  5. Have you prepared themselves for arguments that will come (society speaking)?
On the other hand, adoption is the more civil way for parents to do the "right thing" for themselves and their child, as it gives the child a chance to live. That, above all else, is a wonderful thing. Still, there are things to consider before deciding to place the child for adoption:
  1. Imagine five to ten years from now. Will you going to regret this decision, knowing that your child belongs to someone else? Have you thought into the future? 
  2. What happens if this child finds you and asks WHY? Can you answer with a clear conscience and heart?
  3. Are you prepared to deal with the emotions that you are sure to fight with after?
  4. When you find out that your child seeks for you, will you fight for his return? What about the foster parents of the child?
Adoption and abortion--both have their drawbacks. The final conclusion should be carefully made by parents and not just any one. Young men and women should actively participate in family planning programs, cooperate and help governemnts to reduce the numbers of such problems by voluntarlily using copntraceptives. Better yet, unmarried couples should patiently wait until they become accountable enough for their actions before engaging in sex.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Overeating Should Be Out of My System

 And so it should be out in yours! Here's how:
  1. Keep away from "hunger eye." Pay attention to the quantity of food you consume per meal in a day. Mind the number of servings you take and be selective of what you eat. If your meal comprises of variety of dishes and you are tempted to try all of them, make sure you have small servings of each of them. Go for food that are healthy and have lesser calorie count.
  2. Have regular time intervals for eating. Eating five times a day (with ample amount of food intake) is recommended by many online sources and books I've read. Don't allow yourself to be starved as you will tend to overeat in your next meal thinking of compensating for the period of hunger.
  3. Drink a glass of water or a bowl of appetizing soup before having a meal. This is to fill your stomach with liquid and thus prevent you from indulgence. Green salads will also do, or any fiber-rich food that gives the effect of making you feel fuller to curb further temptation come actual meal.
  4. Don't be persuaded by your emotions and moods that influence eating habits. Find signals and slow or calm yourself down before you're too stuffed.
  5. Don't hang out in restaurants, food counters or cafeterias often. In the same coin, don't buy tidbits or food you can't possibly resist for inappropriate snacks. Don't hang out with the same overeating people! :D

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How to Free Yourself From Acne Problems

When I was 13, insecurity came to me. It was really bad. This was when the start of adolescence stage knocked on my door. Aside from my weight, acne problems started propping out. Of course, to counter off my weight problem, I had to take extreme exercises and got disciplined in improving my look

As for the "acne" part, many teenagers are experiencing the same. You should know that the beauty products over the shelves are not targeted to and used by all. Each skin type is different.

To help clear your skin, the best advice is to visit a dermatologist. If you can't afford to go to one, nevertheless, here are basic tips which might help you:
  1. Wash your face thoroughly a few times a day. Bacteria seep in through open pores and you don't want to have them stay and spread out.
  2. Watch your diet and improve on it. Try replacing sweets and junk food with various vegetables and fruits.
  3. DO NOT pop your zits because once you do, all bacteria are released and can end up in more of the pores of your face, causing larger breakouts. So when you feel the need for pimple popping, you better off washing your face instead.
  4. Cut back on your cosmetics. When you apply makeup, you are blocking your pores with the product and sealing in any dirt that is in your pores. By just focusing on doing your eyes and lips, you will end up eliminating those cover ups which block the pores in your face.
  5. DO NOT touch your face with your hands. There is a buildup of germs on your hands, because of everything you touch through the day. At some point during the day, if you're the type that touches your face subconsciously, clean both hands with a sanitizer, alcohol or soap with water just about every hour or so.
  6. Get enough sleep and attempt to remove the stress in your life. When your body is fatigued or perhaps stressed out, your system is unable to fight off the bacteria effectively and the next thing you know, you'll have more acne.

Monday, November 14, 2011

How to Choose the Best Swimsuit For Your Body Type

Every time I go out to beaches and public swimming pools, I observe how women wear their swimsuits. I'm not interested in looking through their bodies and judging them through their figures. Rather, I'm concerned about the type of swimwear they're clad with. What's flattering and not? What's in and out? All-year round and not just in the summer, people go swimming. As a normal female human being, you are required to have need at least one swimming attire, one swimsuit that will not be garbage to everybody's eyes as to embarrass yourself but one that will certainly flatter and complement your shape.

Here are some tips that I've collected for choosing the best swimsuit for your body type, in the hopes that they will inspire confidence. Some of them are just theoretical for me. Use what works for you.

If you have a large waistline but small frame (slim shoulders), go for a solid-colored tank top and a patterned bottom for a balanced look. For a more flattering effect, opt for a maillot (one-piece bathing suit) with tummy control.

If you have larger hips or butt and small frame and waist, don't buy colorful bottoms as they will help emphasize your hips more. Instead, try suits with dark and solid colors (preferably skirt type) and a patterned top.

If you have small bust problems, try a halter bikini padded top that has a band, seam or ruffles. To enhance your cleavage, fit into triangle bikini tops with a thin foam liner to add volume to your bust line.

If you're the slender, athletic type with broad shoulders and waist and hips that are the similar in width, go for one-piece or two-piece suits with detailing around the waist to help create a more hourglass shape. If this is you, you're lucky because just about any classic styled bathing suit should look fine for your figure.

Apart from the look of it, comfort is important. After window-shopping for a perfect swimsuit, try on whatever catches your eye based on the guidelines above. Crucial to this comfort issue is coverage.  The nicer your body, the less coverage you need, unless you’re shy or you’re smart and want to save your skin from sun damage. You can apply sunscreen and sunless tanner and have a beautiful glowing tan without the sun exposure. Just be sure to evenly distribute and don't over apply the self tanner and end up looking a shade or orange. If you plan to be swimming or playing volleyball or surfing, you may want more coverage because a suit that covers more of you also tends to hang on, where flimsier, actually make that skimpier, things might fall off or out.

With board shorts, boy shorts and hipster bikinis, we can buy suits that fit even in the middle of a plus size day or PMS fat attack. A well-cut one-piece can hide and camouflage an assortment of figure flaws. Contrary to what some experts will tell you, large floral designs do not minimize a heavy body, and you don’t have to wear black either. Depending on where the chubbiness lies, a smaller-coverage suit may turn out to be more flattering than the high-coverage suit you didn’t want to buy anyway. No one can possibly see all the lumps and bumps as the girl in the bathing suit in the mirror does, so pick the least worst suit you can find, and get out there and play!

Choosing the right swimsuit encompasses a lot of decision-making and sprees of creativity. Your final choice is still personal and tailored to your taste. Before you head to the counter to purchase one, just make sure you buy something that won’t come apart when it hits the water.