Monday, October 31, 2011

Why Should Students Wear School Uniforms?

From pre-school to secondary school, I was in a disciplined school which required the wearing of uniforms. I wasn't bothered by the idea, order or act. Neither had I ever had any objections to it.

In college, freedom of wearing whatever clothing was given. It was also that time when a professor asked us to think if we'd rather wear uniforms to school or our own casual clothing exposing our own sense of styles. At first, in my mind, I was quick to react: "Of course, I'd choose not wearing uniforms." But as soon as he gave us reasons why wearing school uniforms is better off, I had to say I changed my mind. Here are those reasons:

1. Save time

If students would wear the same clothes in every single day of their schooling years, time spent worrying about fashion and about how others would judge them will be lessened or better yet completely be gone. Picking out clothes in the morning and laundry work will also be saved. If wearing of uniforms is strictly regulated by the school, students will have more time and concentration on learning, which is after all the raison d'ĂȘtre of being at school.

2. Gain respect

Wearing of uniforms puts the students on the same page. Since all would appear the same, there is no struggling to fit in, all are equal and labels will not exist. Nobody will be seen as poor or rich, in vogue or old-fashioned.

3. Hold responsibility

Uniforms provide identity maybe not of the student per se but largely of the school. Donning the uniform sanctioned by the rules of the school is achieving that statement which tells to the greater public that those students are associated with the institution. Therefore, students have to be mindful that they must be disciplined and respective everywhere, as they represent their school.