Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How To Find Your Calling and Generate Wealth

When books, the media or people tell us that the secret to success is to do what we feel passionately about, we frequently ask how we can identify the passion that will bring us the greatest success. Here are some answers:

Think of yourself as a unique individual endowed with many things that make you special. God was not stingy in giving you many powerful qualities. You have more than one passion and more than one talent.

To start the process, first, make a list of all your gifts--talents or characteristics you possess that are special. Beside each, list the positive areas where you are a contrarian or a deviant or a rebel. Your power lies on this list.

Second, list of all those things you love to do or feel passionately about. Include on this list the answer to this key question: what do I GIVE that when I'm giving it I am filled with great joy. Chances are that you love giving what you have in abundance. And what do you have in abundance? Those gifts or talents you put on the first list.

Third, it would be extremely helpful to consider WHY you like a certain activity. What are all those things about a particular activity that feeds your passion? If something lights your fire then you must have some insight into why it does and in what ways it does. Write down what about it inspires you, pleases you, reveals more of yourself to you, makes you laugh, etc.

Fourth, think of ways or activities that involves SEVERAL of your talents, gifts, passions and unique characteristics at the same time. We want to kill two (or more) birds with one stone or better put, hug two or more birds with one embrace. The more passions and gifts that you can intersect at one point the better.

If, for some reason, that intersection of passions does not have a commercial component, modify it with more passions or talents until it does. At the intersection of many passions and talents, there should emerge a service, or a product, or an artwork, or a body of information that can be spun off commercially. This way you get to pursue your passions, grow your talents, give of yourself to others, contribute to a greater good and as a by-product of all this playing around, generate wealth.