Friday, October 14, 2011

5 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Without Stress

If you’re like normal people, you'd want to lose a few pounds but have problems of keeping your diet or exercise regimes. So you'll be in search of ways on how to do this without having to shed a tremendous amount of effort on top of what you already do during the course of the day.

Luckily, I can share with you some suggestions on losing weight sans the word drastic. Yes! There are things that you can do little by little (but continuously and patiently) that you won't notice you're making any extra effort at all.

1. Never stay still.

If you work in a usual 8-hour office job, make sure that you’re always moving something. You can stand up every 15-20 minutes, stretch, go to the toilet and stomp your way in and out. You can also stay seated but move your arms around, tilt your head or fidget with your feet on the floor. These simple exercises will help to burn more calories than you wouldn’t have done if you weren’t bothering.

2. Take your meal to work.

Keep out from buying food from the cafeteria ever day at work. Manage to get healthier food (by preparing on your own perhaps). If you start to make your own food instead, then you have the ability to control just what goes into your lunch box, meaning that you will consume many fewer calories during the course of the day.

3. Alight at one bus station or floor in the office building in the lift before the supposed.

This is waaaay easy! Walking (or stepping up) is a good exercise. You would only add an extra two to three minutes onto the journies of most people. However, if you do this on a regular basis then it can really make a difference to the amount of calories that you burn.

4. Drink ice cold water.

If you drink cold water, this means that your body will have to use energy in order to heat it up. This will result to having more calories burned than it would if it was at room temperature.

5. Buy smaller clothes.

This is to help you become inspired and look forward to your goal--to fit in those clothes! If our clothes are just okay or big for us, then there is nothing really to stop us from reaching for the biscuit tin. But if you buy things that are a little bit tight for you at the time if you buying them, they you are much more likely to want to slim into them meaning that you will be more restricted and strict with yourself during the course of your diet.

If you choose to take these tips then, while they won’t take over your whole life, you will be able to lose weight little by little as you just go about your daily business.