Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why There are No Seatbelts in School Buses

Seat belts are one of the biggest instruments which play an important role in road safety. But why do school buses don't have seat belts for the children? Here are some possible answers:

As school buses are made to be used by the students, bus manufacturers might have thought that drivers will not run the bus at high speed. Hence, the children will be safe regardless. But oftentimes, drivers don't worry about these things and this results in casualties.

The bus manufacturers might have foreseen that children who are required for school bus service are those very, very young of age. Therefore, there would be no practical way to enforce their use, and/or they would probably not be used. The kids could be so mischievous that they will simply disconnect the seatbelts on the seat and sit down on top of them.

Another thing is that seatbelts would add expenses to the cost of school buses, with no returns until someone happened to survive a tragedy by wearing one. How unlikely is that to happen? Granted, if it saves a life the cost would be hard to argue with, but since arguably nobody would use them, the costs are prohibitive.