Monday, September 19, 2011

What is Considered Normal Hair Fall?

Every time my mom sweeps the floor, she'd comment sarcastically in question form: "Is this a house or a parlor/salon?" She often suspects that it's me who's the culprit, the one who contributes to the vast number of hair on the floor. But I always beg to disagree. How can she tell that when she, my sister and I all have long hair? I would joke that we should conduct a DNA testing to see and really confirm who among us in the house has hair strands falling the most.

Just recently, I watched a TV talk show and learned more about hair fall. It's said that it's just normal for average humans because hair fall is a normal process. In this process, daily fall of about 50-100 strands of hair is considered normal. 5-15 strands of hair will fall automatically every day whether you do anything or not!

And just like anything else, hair has a life cycle (of three to five years). Even if we don't comb our hair, at any given time, five to 10 percent of our hair will fall off so that new and emerging hair will push the dead ones out of their follicles. The hair will grow back, don't worry. But this cycle time is not constant. It varies according to age, sex, family genes or lineage, medications, hormonal state, stress factor, diseased condition, and etc.

How to Prevent Hair Loss

The denser the hair, the more hair will normally lose per day. I have gone through a free scalp test two weeks ago and found out that my hair is not dense. Lucky me? Also, my hair is thick and healthy. Advice is keep a nutritious diet for strong, dense and healthy hair. Take an iron-rich diet; consume bananas! Also, as hair contains keratin, you need to have a proteinaceous diet.

Second thing is about hygiene. Maintain a clean and good hygiene on your scalp to strengthen the roots of hair. Fight signs of dandruff right away by using appropriate shampoo.

In conclusion, it is quite simple to have healthier hair. A person with such desire will have to work hard on his/her diet and will have to manage a healthier diet and lifestyle in the same way. Beautiful hair is a symbol of elegance which enhances your appearance. So work at it! : )