Sunday, September 4, 2011

How to Save More Money While Buying More Groceries

Generally, basic instinct tells that we should stock up on food we usually consume when they're on sale. Yes, many food ingredients can be purchased in bulk during seasonal peaks in production at a discount. Once you buy this seasonal product in bulk, work with your creativity with different ways to prepare it in your meals. Adding more to this, Mr Money Mustache shares a further developed logic of cost-efficient grocery shopping with his food algorithm:

  • If the product is overpriced, leave it there at the grocery store. But when you really really need it, just purchase the minimum possible amount you can live with.
  • If the product is regular-priced, buy an amount to last until your next grocery trip (minimum is one week supply).
  • If the product is under-priced, buy at least enough to last until the next expected sale (a month, maybe).
  • If the product is dramatically under-priced, buy a nearly infinite amount, limited only by shelf life of food and available stock on shelves.

Personal tip: Think about the product also (the benefits, I mean, of buying too much when there's a 50+% discount). If the price of bananas hit rock-bottom, you can't really benefit. But if cereals or oats dropped to an all-time low, then buy at least a year's supply. If it's soda, then don't buy so much as the tendency is that you'll be drinking more. On the other hand, if it's detergent, then buy as much as you can/want to because you won't use more just because you have more. Here I'm not only concerned about your health but also your consuming habits. :D