Friday, September 30, 2011

Ashitaba or Tomorrow Leaf Can Do Wonders!

My mom shared with me one miraculous plant which she now takes and says it has the power of healing. This plant is called “tomorrow leaves” (Ashitaba  in Japanese and ‘明日叶’ ming re ye in Chinese) and is called as such because it grows greatly so much in abundance; once you pick or harvested one today, tomorrow you will see it regenerate and start to grow a new life. I'm not exaggerating here! My mom can prove to this testament. I remembered the time I heard this from her, I laughed and laughed…so hard!

How was it discovered?
Very coincidentally. One day, a Japanese medical doctor was in a trip to Hakkajima, Japan and encountered this plant. He picked some and ate it. He was suffering in his last stage of lung cancer that time. He noticed that the leaf gave him great relief from his illness. He had such improvement in his health until he was finally cured.

As his interest grew, he did a more thorough research and discovered that the leaf has abundant organic elements. He wrote all the data of his research including his experience with taking it in day by day. He also discovered that tomorrow leaves can be considered as herbal medicine, as it can cure a lot of other illnesses/disorders, including the following:

Lung, Cough, Asthma, Digestive System, Intestine, Kidney, Kidney Stones, Urinary Tract Bleeding, Liver, Gall Bladder, Hepatitis, Gall Bladder Stones/ Help suppress growth of cancer cells,  Haemorrhoids, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Vomiting, Blood Poisoning, Septicaemia, Fertility problems, More balanced  blood cells/ Help in recovery of bone injuries, External wounds, Skin Allergy, Rheumatism, High Cholesterol levels, High – Low Blood Pressure and Diabetes

How to take it? The friend of my mom who is growing tomorrow leaves / plants in his own backyard suggested these options:

  1. Use 1 to 3 fresh leaves, wash with salt water, rinse with clean water, chew the leaves and drink water.
  2. Use 1 or 2 fresh leaves, wash with salt water, rinse with clean water, cut in small pieces, add to fruit juice. Drink a cup of it 1 to 2 times a day.
  3. Boil about 4 dry leaves dry in water, drink 1 cup size 3 times a day. Leaves can be eaten after boiling.

Note: Do not drink any tea after taking the leaf. If you really feel like it, allow four hours before taking tea.

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  2. i am from Cavite Philippines i am just using ashitaba for 2 weeks and it works to me,i have stage 2 breast cancer ,when i started using eating and used it as my tea now i feel better no more pains and swelling my breast become normal,i am so grateful because God is always good all the time,and the instrument of miracle is the lets start to plant a ashitaba for good health and cancer free!

    1. are u using the real ashitaba or gynura procumbens which are mostly mistaken here in the Philippines as ashitaba?

    2. Hi Stuart, we're using the real ashitaba. I've bought the seeds from Amazon online. There are also seeds from online sites (Horizon Herbs) which you can buy directly from them.

    3. Hi ms. Rochkirsten, how easy is it to propagate the real ashitaba? Can i buy from you? Thanks.

    4. Hi Sandra. I don't sell the seeds but you can check out the Horizon Herbs website ( where you can buy a packet of 20 seeds for $9.95. For instructions on how grow and harvest the plant, you can access my other articles: and

    5. Thanks but do you sell the plant? :)

    6. Now I'm not selling anymore because they are just limited.

  3. Wow! Your story is so inspiring. My family and I have also experienced the wonders of ashitaba and we're very glad to have met this herbal plant. Thanks be to God for leading us to experience miracles. Love and light!

  4. Hello Ms. Glenda Anisco
    I am quite interested in how you obtain your ashitaba? Here in the Philippines ashitaba is mistaken as gynura procumbens (in But after a thorough research what is being sold in is gynura procumbens. I am wondering if what you have is the real one. Please send me a reply in this address Thank you.

    1. We are selling the real Ashitaba Angelica keiskei seedlings from the mountains of Benguet Please txt 09183050394 for details. Thank you

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