Monday, August 22, 2011

Milk Cuts Fats: Myth or Fact?

What do you drink in the morning for breakfast? For most people I know it's a cup of hot coffee or tea, or a big glass of orange juice. I for one take cereals, oatmeal, milk or milk tea.

Recently I've searched through an interesting study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition last July 2011, which states that "milk for breakfast does more than build strong bones." It may also keep you from overeating at lunch therefore helping you trim your waistline.

In their conduct of analysis, Australian researchers gave healthy but overweight men and women 20 ounces of fruit juice for the first batch and 20 ounces of fat-free milk for the second batch along with their breakfast. Both beverages had the same number of calories. Both batches had a plate of sandwiches for lunch four hours later until they were full.

The results? The adults who drank fat-free milk for breakfast ate an average of 50 fewer calories at their noon meal compared to the fruit-juice drinkers. The milk-drinkers also reported less hunger after chugging their milk at breakfast.

Some research linked food with dairy sources to weightloss, but the results of these studies have been inconsistent. Low-fat milk is a good source of calcium, which according to some research, helps boost metabolism and promote fat breakdown. It’s also high in protein, which increases satiety more than high-carb drinks such as orange juice.

Milk is also rich and thick in texture, which boosts satiety and decrease calorie consumption later in the day. It’s a natural source of conjugated-linoleic-acid (CLA), a fatty-acid found in meat and dairy products. Some, but not all, studies show CLA helps lower body fat while preserving lean body mass. On the other hand, non-fat milk contains relatively little conjugated-linoleic-acid relative to whole milk.

The bottom line is that you'll save 50 calories daily if you'll have low-fat milk for breakfast. This equates to a pound of weight lose every two months, not bad for switching what you drink in the morning. Plus you'll have an awesome benefit of consuming a healthy dose of calcium and protein to start your day right!

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