Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Is Hair Perm For Me?

Gone are those days of tight, poodle, "auntie-type" curls. Now you can choose from a variety of curlers and rollers to form soft, glorious curls or messy, naturally wind-blown-looking spirals.

Key words entered: hair perm.

Based on a regional ranking by Google Trends, Singapore tops the list. Oh, now I don't no longer wonder why many of the teens and young adult women I see here have had their hair permed (with soft curls). Obviously, it's the new recurring trend [from the 1980s]. What's classic is that everyone wants to look beautiful and stylish. But achieving bouncy and wavy locks has risks of hair breakage and damage. What's more, these styling services come with a hefty price tag nowadays.

Still, if you're as interested as me (or more than me), you have to know if hair perm is for you, before committing to actually have it done.

If you feel your hair needs more body, getting "permanent waves" (Japanese or Korean digital perms) which lasts for three to six months might just be one good option. However, according to many forums and hair stylists I have consulted, not everyone is suitable to undergo this treatment. To elaborate concisely, here are some things you need to consider:

  1. The chemicals that will be applied to previously rebonded/straightened/relaxed hair for permanent waves will not take effect as much as to natural hair.
  2. A suitable type of haircut is a prerequisite to attain best results of hair perm. (One with short layers of hair is not a good candidate.) So do consult your hairdresser first to cut your hair before the procedure.
  3. If your hair is dry or frizzy, hair perm is not for you--as the chemicals tend to dry your hair more. But if you shall insist, you must regularly (daily) apply good and healthy amount of hair conditioner to moisturize, keep your hair in right shape and keep it off from breakage. This is what we call high maintenance.
  4. If you have recently applied hair color (dye or highlights) to your hair, allow about two to three weeks before the conduct of hair perm. It's also worth to note that perming will likely lighten your hair color.
  5. If you're the type who always brushes or combs your hair, forget about this habit when you have your hair permed "as this will slowly ruin the perm," stylist said.

Here are great articles I suggest you to read as homework: Different Types of Perms, The Complete Curl Guide to Perming Hair and Everything You Wanted to Know About Perms.