Thursday, August 18, 2011

3 Top Things You Want to Know About Kissing

Try this. In Google Adword's Keyword Tool, enter "how to" to see what the most searched how-to is--both globally and locally. Through this, you can view the keywords people use to search to land web pages and the degree of competition they have versus other keywords. This is helpful especially for online writers to build traffic in their websites.

Interestingly, "how to kiss" is listed as top five how-to without much competition (as shown through the white, empty bar).

This means that a large number of people worldwide (shocking number of 37 million++) wants to know how to kiss! Ahem. How romantic.

Sorry, Friend. I don't know how to describe the steps on how to kiss, so I'm not writing about that. In parallel to the famous topic, this article is about the benefits of kissing.

Did you know that kissing can help you trim down weight, prevent tooth decay and maintain a healthy heart? If you want a healthier and happier life and don’t want to spend a dime, you don't have to look anywhere. By now, you should know the answer: kissing. Aside from the mentioned advantages, here are other interesting pluses people get from kissing:

For Females: Kissing can relieve menstrual cramps.

For some women, whenever the red flag is raised, menstrual pain can be so unbearable. Thanks to a French team of researchers that conducted a test in human saliva in 2006, we know now that our saliva is a "natural painkiller more powerful than morphine." What happens while kissing is that the brain releases endorphins (pain relief agent) which calm and relax the mind and makes people happy.

For Those Who Have Sleeping Problems: Kissing can solve insomnia.

The act of brushing lips and tongues together can release adrenaline and make you feel at ease. Similarly, neurons are completely at peace, hence reducing tension and distress. Kissing also releases oxytocin, the so-called hormone of love, which can calm you down and bring you on cloud nine (euphoria of happiness) which helps the body, mind and soul to be extremely relaxed. Then, you could sleep easily.

For Those Who Are Aging: Kissing can help you look younger. (an add-in to my previous article)

Kissing works like botox. While kissing, there are 37 facial muscles that are stretched (and exercised). This elevates saggy or "curtain-like" cheeks and tightens facial features such as the jaws. Also, kissing improves blood circulation and causes your heart to pump more blood through your body, preventing cardiovascular problems.