Saturday, August 20, 2011

15 Fastest, Easiest and Most Absurd Ways of Losing Weight

Time and again, people have been looking for easy and effective ways to lose weight. They concentrate on quick fixes which don't linger for long. Some of these methods are just senseless; they just instigate the thought and hope[-lessness] of losing those unwanted fats. Here are some of most-tried and tested absurd ways which are present in the commonplace:

Note: If you've tried one or more yourself and proved its effectiveness, drop me a note. Else, share the word: Friend, they don't work so don't bother trying. If you really want to drop down weight, read this article.

The "Boo-boo" methods of losing weight:


Some diets are extremely unhealthy and are unlikely to promote weight loss in the longer term. Worse, they might result to: severe nutritional deficiencies and wrong balance of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. These diets which do not teach you about good longer term eating habits are poor. When you come off the diet and start to eat "normally," your weight will creep back on.

1. Crash dieting - Consume less calories than your body needs just to survive (your resting metabolic rate) and your metabolism can slow right down. The negative effect? Your body hold onto more fat. Eating less than 1000 calories a day definitely constitutes crash dieting.

2. Starvation - True, avoiding all food will make you lose weight fast. This is because you'll lose water and muscle weight in the process, which is impractical. In this sense, like in crash dieting, your body will hold onto more fat as it registers nutritional stress later on. A lighter version of this is eating only one meal a day (usually the evening meal) or skipping meals. This is a common misconception; the reality is that people will tend to be fatter than people who eat at least three meals a day. These people will consume more calories at their one meal than others eat all day. Their metabolism will become slower, as their bodies switch to fat storage mode.

3. Eating only "diet food" - Low Fat. Low Calorie. Sound familiar? If you've been looking for these on the labels of the food you put into your grocery cart, stop now. These fat-free or calorie-light food which include diet yoghurts, Diet Coke and Weight-watchers meals enhance the taste of the food. Hence they got artificial flavorings, refined sugar and artificial sweeteners in abundance. This means they can end up unhealthier than the regular full-fat version.

Under this category is the act of avoiding all fat. What most people don't realize is that fat is essential to our bodies and we need fat in our diet. Fat is essential to the brain, as it builds cell membranes and keeps the heart beating regularly. It slows down digestion, absorbs nutrients and protects our vital organs. Fat can help weight loss by keeping you feel fuller longer and more satisfied. By consuming some fat with your meals, you won't tend to crave for sweets or be hungry for a second helping.


4. Dehydration - Our body is composed of approximate 65% water. Dehydration will reduce your weight but not your body fat as you lose water weight only. Water is the main component of the blood in your body. It transports oxygen to all your muscles and organs. water leads regulation of body temperature and lubrication of joints to cushion your vital organs.

5. Too much coffee consumption - Think coffee increases metabolism? Think again. The truth is that caffeine in coffee contributes to insulin resistance which can lead to increased appetite and food cravings.

6. Taking herbal slimming coffee/tea - These herbal stuff make outrageous claims about how much weight you will lose by drinking them. However, the main ingredient in these is likely to be caffeine which acts as a diuretic and leads to water loss.


7. Drug ingestion - One example is laxative abuse. By the time laxatives inch their way into the large intestine, most food calories have been absorbed by the small intestines. This causes loss of water, minerals, fiber and waste. The water weight returns as soon as you drink the next drink. Another popular drugs are the various kinds of slimming pills, "the ultimate miracle cure," a pill you take which will lead to weight loss. These pills include fat blockers, carbohydrate blockers and appetite suppressants. However, none of the pills will work if you are eating poorly.Side effects of these drugs can be significant and may lead to serious health implications.

8. Mineral body-wrap treatments - This treatment or a mask applied to your body can make you lose inches, but the loss is short-lived as the inch loss is merely water weight.

9. Training with cellophane - This might sound incredibly stupid, but I have seen people in the gym training with a layer of cellophane wrapped round their bodies. They believe that exercising with the cellophane encourages their body to burn more calories as they sweat more. What they don't know is: the additional sweat leads to loss of water, not fat.

10. Extremely rigorous workouts (e.g. long runs, boot camps and triathlons) - Too much exercise can be counterproductive as it can raise stress hormones until your body starts to hold onto body fat.

11. Frequenting saunas - (My mom is a certified victim.) Staying in saunas will make you lose weight immediately after, but this weight consists only of water weight. so after drinking a few glasses of water, their weight will be back to normal.

12. Smoking - Smoking decreases the appetite, they say. so some people smoke with a view to losing or maintaining their weight. However, smokers can be more malnourished as smoking acts an anti-nutrient. This means your body needs to consume more nutrients from the food you eat. In addition, health implications are serious; it's not worth to lose a few pounds of weight over.

13. Making yourself sick - Some people make themselves sick when they feel they have eaten too much food. However, after making themselves sick they can be hungry, leading to cravings for sweets (chocolates, chips, biscuits) and other high calorie snacks. their body weight can increase because of the constant snacking of high-calorie food.

14. Applying slimming body cream - This sounds a very nice idea: by simply rubbing the cream on your body your fat will instantly melt away, but there is no evidence to suggest these creams/ointments work.

15. Undergoing medical procedures - Liposuction can work but is very risky. what's more, if you don't better your diet and lifestyle, the weight can be back on post surgery. Another medical procedure is the insertion of gastric bands which restricts the size of the stomach, hence limiting the amount of food that you can eat at once. The gastric band does help you to eat smaller amounts, but it does not stop you from eating high-calorie foods or snacking constantly.

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