Monday, July 25, 2011

Online Shopping, Anyone?

Shopping is often dubbed as every girl's best friend. What about shopping online? Here you'll learn more about shipping and general return/refunds on online shopping.

Shopping online is now becoming more and more a favorable economic trend that helps one save a lot of time. Sure, browing sites with mouse clicks is way convenient than walking hours in the malls. Also, with PayPal and other secured financial transfer transactions, we can be spared with the risk of carrying cash and the trouble of all the physical injuries we can get. However, the main constraint of online shopping is that wedon’t get the look and feel of the object we are buying. This can post as a major, especially when buying clothing and other things with significant measurements.

Although most sites offer return and exchange of goods, these services are selective and applicable only to a limited range of merchandize. Lingerie and shoes, for instance, are some of the goods that are not covered in the return policy of most websites: lingerie for the hygiene factor and shoes for reasons of wearability. Although not much can be done about lingerie exchange other than shopping at stores where you have physically purchased lingerie in the past, shoes can be bought from sites after reading their exchange, refund and return policies.

Some sites offer free shipping charges for deliveries within a certain perimeter. They also have flat rate courier charges based on weight for international customers and accept returns from customers located in any country by mail. Click here for a detailed review of the specifics of exchange and returns by the certain websites.

Golden Snippets of Tips

Before entering your dress size in the column allotted for size, look for the size chart of the website. If the site retails more than a brand, look for the size chart of each brand and locate the scale of measurement (centimeter or inch). Most women buy a size six and realize that the site is measuring in British/UK dress sizes (different from those of American). If the store doesn’t accept returns (e.g. some stores in eBay), then you might have to pay a bomb getting the dress altered!

Never assume. Be careful in reading the FAQ section of every website you shop at, along with customer reviews of the website in various online forums before making the purchase. You wouldn’t want to waste your hard-earned money buying something that doesn’t fit and can’t be returned.