Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to Prevent Skin Sagging After Losing Fats

Don't drape like curtains!

Extreme weight loss may not provide ideal results. Trading body fat for hanging, loose skin is not the dieter's dream. Here are some ideas on how to prevent skin with sagging after losing fats.

Every dieter has the thought that weight loss shouldn't be so hard. Even if an overweight person knows deep down that faithful exercise and natural eating is the way to permanently lose weight, they wish that there was an easier, faster way to reach their weight loss goals. While there may be other ways to lose weight quickly, they are not healthy options.
Slow Weight Loss is Best
Quick weight loss may be possible by having weight loss surgery, making extreme lifestyle changes or taking weight loss drugs, but experts recommend losing only 1-2 pounds per week for good reason. Looking weight too quickly takes an unhealthy toll on your body. Most people are also unlikely to maintain weight loss that has been achieved too quickly, causing them to regain the weight and begin yoyo dieting.
Problems with Extreme Weight Loss
Quick weight loss presents its own problems. A common complaint from people who lose a lot of weight quickly from extreme dieting is that their skin doesn't tighten up. Dieters are left with unsightly loose and hanging skin. It doesn't seem fair to overweight people who have worked so hard to drop the weight.
Few things could be more frustrating than struggling to lose weight for many years, finally reaching your weight loss goals and then having to deal with an imperfect body because of the loose skin caused by the extreme weight loss. It affects self-esteem, body image and size.
Surgery to Remove Hanging Skin
Though continued exercise and fat loss will help reduce hanging skin around the abs, inner thighs and underarms, a surgical procedure is likely necessary to remove the loose skin. While weight loss surgery is often covered under medical insurance plans, skin removal is considered cosmetic surgery and is not covered by insurance. Prevention is the ideal way to deal with loose, hanging skin due to weight loss.
Prevent Loose Skin After Weight Loss
  • Exercise regularly to tighten and tone problem areas
  • Follow a healthy diet plan
  • Do resistance training 3 times a week to build new muscle for the skin to adhere to
  • Count calories
  • Don't follow an extremely restrictive diet
  • Drink lots of water
  • Lose weight slowly
  • Talk to your doctor about healthy weight loss options
Ways to Tighten Loose Skin After Extreme Weight Loss
  • Continue to exercise regularly
  • Concentrate on strength training exercises
  • Eat lean poultry and other proteins with each meal
  • Try over-the-counter creams to tighten the loose skin
  • Consider surgical options to remove hanging skin
  • Change your BMI to tighten loose skin