Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Games and Apps Cloaked as Work-related

Raise your hand if your answer is yes to the following questions:
  1. Are your bosses monitoring your screens at work?
  2. Are you conscious that they might catch you doing tasks or opening applications and programs which are unrelated and irrelevant to your designated role?
  3. Do you feel that sometimes you need a break (e.g. play games, check social media status or just surf online) from stress brought by work?
  4. Do you want to engage in these "outlets" of stress and at the same time make yourself still seem like working?
Sure enough, I sense a lot of virtual hands raised right now. Let me take you to a tour of introduction to five recommended applications which can be disguised as work-related. Disclaimer: This is not to strongly influence and push you to use these; rather, this is just to make you aware that such are now present somewhere out there in the cyberspace. :D

Play games that look like Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and bar graphs. Hit the spacebar to pause a game, making all game elements disappear!

Update your Twitter status and receive your friends' updates with this add-in for Microsoft Outlook.

Using this app, sign in to your Facebook account and voila! Your news feed transforms into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet!

Tweet from your iGoogle homepage or within Gmail.

A fun and action-filled puzzle game, this flash-based app is played on what looks like a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Users use arrow keys to lead the cursor to a green "exit" button.

So there, enjoy! You might want to share these to your office mates? Right. Go on. ;)